Southwest Sangha
A contemplative lay monastery

General Information

Ways to Experience Southwest Sangha

  • Visitors are welcome at any time.
  • Guests devise their own schedule or follow the community schedule.  Guests may do work-practice as they choose.
  • Retreatants stay in individual kutis (small meditation huts), maintain silence, and create their own practice schedule. Instruction, interviews, and assistance are available on request. To help maintain the monastery, retreatants are asked to do a short period of mindful work practice each day.  
  • Work retreatants are the same as retreatants, except they choose to include more work in their practice schedule.
  • The community is made up of residents and long -term guests/prospective residents.

All necessities (meals, linens and toiletries) are freely given.  We practice eating what is freely given and we do our best to accommodate special dietary needs.

The Watch
The Watch is a knowledgeable resident or long-term guest who volunteers on a monthly basis to watch over Southwest Sangha.  He or she is responsible for the operation of Southwest Sangha during that period: leading meditation practice and chants, organizing meals and work practice, seeing to needs of visitors, guests, and retreatants, and caretaking the property.

Sitting Days

There is one-half day of meditation practice every Saturday from 8:00 until 11:15 a.m. followed by a Dhamma discussion and lunch.  Southwest Sangha also sponsors residential retreats.